Hi, I'm Scott Kirchner.  I'm a dad to 3 young kids and happily married, living in Minnesota.  I've spent several years working in the real estate industry, learning the ins and outs of multifamily property investment.

In my journey at the heart of real estate, I've always known securing your family's financial future is everything.  It's what motivated me to get into this industry in the first place.

After successfully doing it for my family, I'm using my experience through servant leadership to mentor beginners and everyday people in multifamily real estate investment to build generational wealth for their families and enjoy financial freedom.



Here's how I got here.

I had a humble beginning, working in a different industry outside of real estate.  I was always thinking about my exit strategy, trying to find a way to amass wealth and secure the future for my family.

I've always been curious about real estate investing, so I led myself to where my heart took me.  I immersed myself in deep learning and reading about real estate investment, using podcasts and other reading materials too.

 At the time, I had a few passive investments in multifamily properties with other sponsors.

I took one step further and validated my real estate credentials, getting a real estate investing degree from a nationally recognized university.  This helped establish me as a knowledgeable and trusted source in the industry, all while securing my first property.

Now, I'm managing over 200 units, $16 million in assets, and $4.5 million in capital raised.

I'm not telling you this for you to cheer an celebrate in my honor.  Instead, it is to show you why Invest Wise Multifamily exists.


My journey to being an established real estate investor was long and challenging.  You don't have to go through the same.  My dream has been to make the process easier and less challenging for other Americans, acting as a mentor who guides them to start, build, and establish themselves in the multifamily market.

Here's how Invest Wise Multifamily does it.

We offer three ways to get started and secure your financial freedom:





We offer training on investing in multifamily properties, teaching you various strategies and wealth-building techniques you can deploy to get started in the multifamily property market.

Courses are available on demand and completed at your pace.  You also receive a 30-minute call with me to get direct mentorship on the strategies and techniques you're learning.


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With this option, you get additional resources, materials, and 1:1 mentorship calls to set you up as an established multifamily investor.  The digital resources include numerous spreadsheets, templates, and downloads.  This program includes three 30-minute calls to dive deep into deal evaluation for multifamily properties.

I'll also give you direct guidance on underwriting a property using real-world scenarios and then compare your results with mine.

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